Porsche 944

The 944 series plays a major part in the Strosek program. While the stock front fenders can take 9 inch wide wheels seamlessly blend into the rest of the body. This provides ample space for 10 inch wheels with 245 tires. Rear brakes are cooled by air ducted though strategically placed air intakes in the rear fenders, and the rear end is cleaned up with a smooth tail skirt. Further complimenting the car`s rear end is a new rear hatch that replaces the heavy stock glass dome. Strosek`s hatch doesn`t only keep the interior cooler, it also protects it from prying eyes. In addition to it`s integrated spoiler, a wing can be added to further increases down force.

The stock 944 front section is very well shaped to begin with, so Strosek just fits a small spoiler lip underneath it, significantly improving high-speed stability. The hoodbulge is not just for show, it really helps to keep the engine compartment cool. Further attention to detail resulted in aerodynamic mirrors that improve top end speed by round 3 mph. As with all Strosek conversions, perfect craftsmanship is a priority; Customers are supposed to have their cars for a long time. Suspension- wise different set-ups from comfortable to super-sports are available, each Strosek 944 is individually adjusted. Apart from several interior variations, Strosek offer a stainless steel exhaust system.

Pricelist 944: